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How to be more productive in your home business

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Working from home can be great. In fact, at this very moment, I am writing this from mine. A home office can feel very comfortable, you can work in your PJs and even without shoes. The one thing I noticed is that the more relaxed I felt the less work I got done. There is such a thing as being too relaxed especially when it comes to getting work done. After several months, I have figured out sort of a system to be more productive while working from home. I made a chronological list of what I do throughout my day.

Set your alarm clock

This was the best way I forced myself to keep to a schedule. Monday through Friday, I set my alarm clock to wake up at the same time.

Get dressed

I know no one will see you or smell you, but a refreshing shower puts you in the mood to feel as if you are on your way to work. Which, after all, you really are.

Have breakfast

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, I second that! The whole night while sleeping, your body used up all of its vitamins and minerals to repair the previous day’s activities. So breakfast is the way to not only replenish that but prepare your body and brain for the day.

Have some coffee or tea

This may not apply to those who do not drink coffee, but caffeine will improve your overall mental alertness (don’t do this if you have heart problems, issues with anxiety, or any other health problems that may be worse with caffeine). Consult your doctor.

Don't work in your bedroom

If you have an extra room, it’s best to make that your home office. Having it in your bedroom will not only be counterproductive for work but also for sleep. You want to associate your bedroom with sleep only. The living room is a good option if you keep the TV off cause we all know how distracting that can be. I personally like the dining room if I don’t have extra space. The distractions are minimal, and you already have a table and chairs in there, so no need to buy a desk.

Take frequent breaks

It’s important to get outside. You can end up with cabin fever cooped up inside all day. You need the vitamin D from the sun and breathe in the fresh air. Lunch breaks are important too. Besides the fact that you need to eat to survive, I have found that on my lunch breaks I was able to rethink certain things I have been working on.

Go on vacations

Vacations can revitalize you and your staff or coworkers. There are several great deals on websites like Trip.com where you can find a nice getaway. For those concerned with traveling through airlines during the COVID-19 pandemic, there are a few other options. You can always keep it local. TicketNetwork has an excellent selection of tickets for Concerts, Sports, and Theater events.

Have an end to your workday

Just as vital as it is to set a time to wake up and start working, you also need to set a time where you stop working and try to stick with it. Plan a nice dinner, relax, watch TV and try not to think about work.

Take days off

I kept this separate from taking breaks and vacations because taking days off should be a more consistent way to plan your personal activities. This way, you can plan such things as your doctor’s appointments or date nights with your sweetheart. Find things to do near you

The family

I know some of you have a family, and so a lot of this would have to be worked into your family life, just like working outside of the home. It is essential to try not to get distracted, but at the same time, it may seem neglectful so try to strike a balance. Having a home business definitely has its great benefits. I love it. Nothing better than being at home and not having to get stuck in traffic trying to get to work on time but make sure you don’t lose the focus of being productive.

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